Scuba Masks

Your scuba mask provides your view to the vast underwater world of the ocean. There is an endless view of coral, fish and sea mammals in our oceans and seas and you will want, and need, a high quality scuba mask to allow you many years of underwater viewing enjoyment. Scuba masks come in an endless choice of style and color, but there are many things to consider when purchasing your first, or tenth, scuba mask, including: field of vision, a high-grade silicone skirt for a lasting and comfortable seal, comfortable nose pocket and a high-grade, flexible silicone strap and strap fasteners.

Buying a high quality scuba mask and its proper care will ensure the longevity of the mask. Any scuba diving gear retailer should have a wide variety of scuba masks available for you to choose from. Every face is different and every scuba mask does not fit every face. You should try on a variety of scuba masks, of different shapes and sizes; to ensure the scuba mask you purchase fits you properly and will be comfortable for long scuba dives. If you have trouble finding a scuba mask or are unsure about what size of scuba mask you need your retailer should be able to help you find the right scuba mask.

There are many scuba masks available. Take the time to choose the right scuba mask for you. Your eyes will appreciate it and you will enjoy the beauty of scuba diving that much more.

How to tell when a mask is fitted right

Here’s a useful test that is easy to do. Press the mask to your face, without strapping it on. Just by breathing in with your nose, you should be able to suck the mask onto your face and walk around without it falling off. That proves that you have a good seal around the edge.

My scuba instructor told me to spit in my mask. Is he kidding?

No! He’s not kidding! Saliva works very well as a mask defogger, for reasons that have never been adequately explained. Something in the saliva will keep the mask from fogging up. Many divers swear by it, and will use nothing else. There are commercial mask defoggers available, usually sold in little eyedropper bottles. A popular recipe for mask defogger is 5 parts water to 1 part biodegradable dish washing solution. Diluted glycerine is also effective.

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